World Health Assembly 2012: Ministerial Briefing on Preterm Birth

 More than 70 participants from 30 countries gathered at the World Health Assembly to discuss the new evidence on preterm birth emerging from Born Too Soon: The Global Action Report on Preterm Births.

75% of deaths of premature babies are preventable, says report

 Major study reveals one in 10 babies are born pre-term, but deaths can be avoided with better availability of inexpensive treatments.

U.S. Lags in Global Measure of Premature Births

United States of America

 Fifteen million babies are born prematurely each year, and the United States fared badly in the first country-by-country global comparison of premature births, which was released Wednesday by the World Health Organization and other agencies.

Preterm and low birth-weight infants ‘sign of future stillbirth risk’

HNN Team

Having a preterm infant or delivering a baby that is small for gestational age (SGA) raises the risk a woman will experience a stillbirth, new maternal and newborn research has shown.

USA: HHS launches Strong Start initiative to increase healthy deliveries and reduce preterm births

To help reduce the increasing number of preterm births in America and ensure more babies are born healthy, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced more than $40 million in grants to test ways to reverse that trend, as well as a public campaign to reduce early elective deliveries.

India: State has no data on premature births


The birth registers maintained by the state health department do not record the number of preterm babies born every year but groups them along with babies with low birth weigh

Quest to End Premature Births Worldwide Takes Momentous Step Forward

Gates Foundation grants $20 Million to GAPPS at Seattle Children’s to engage researchers from around the world in groundbreaking research.

Study shows newborn deaths higher in US than in Malaysia and Poland

 A study shows from1990 to 2009,  annual newborn deaths decreased from 4.6 million to 3.3 million but progress is too slow, particularly in Africa.  

Higher Mortality for Infants

The absolute incidence of neonatal mortality and morbidity in late pre-term infants (i.e., born before the end of 37 weeks) is low, but it’s still significantly higher than in full-term infants, say the authors of the review.

Educate Mothers on Newborn Health Care


Ghana’s First Lady, Mrs. Ernestina Naadu-Mills has urged midwives, community health nurses and other health professionals to educate pregnant and nursing mothers on the provisions of quality newborn healthcare for their babies.