Sierra Leone demands improvements in maternal health

Sierra Leone

Women are encouraged to rate their clinics and demand more from their healthcare services.

In Sierra Leone, First Lady Launches “MamaYe” Campaign

Sierra Leone HNN Team

She said the campaign will be acting as a catalyst for change in issues surrounding maternal and newborn deaths, adding that the key activities of the MamaYe campaign are to build the capacity to track health and maternal and newborn health and also the flow of finance. 

DR Congo toughest place for mothers – Save the Children

Nigeria, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Gambia, India, Mali, Niger, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Central African Republic, United States of America HNN Team

The charity compared factors such as maternal health, child mortality, education and income in 176 countries. 

The Magic Five Miles

Sierra Leone

If you were about to give birth would you stay somewhere five miles away from any sort of health care?

Newborn deaths reduce by 1.3 million in two decades but will take Africa 150 years to reach US/UK newborn survival levels – Study

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The first week of life is considered as the riskiest week for newborns but yet many countries are only just beginning postnatal care programmes to reach mothers and babies at this critical time