UN set new targets to protect more moms, babies

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Dr. Peter Waiswa of the University of Makarere Centre of Excellence for Maternal and Newborn Health talked to CCTV-America about the newborn health challenges in Uganda and globally. He says global goals are important, but more local government leadership will be needed to achieve them. “Sometimes I wonder whether the global [advocates] know what it … Continued

Uganda: New Project Cuts Back Child Deaths

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Kampala — A new study has shown a reduction in fresh stillbirths and a drop in newborn mortality rate within 24 hours. The study conducted under: “Saving Lives on the Day of Birth” project equips health workers with the required skills to prevent and respond to postpartum haemorrhage (over bleeding) and birth asphyxia (deprivation of oxygen … Continued

Study shows new method to test premature babies

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In the absence of weighing scales, measuring the size of a baby’s foot using the foot length card and danger sign screening cards can help identify if a baby is premature or has low birth weight, a new study has shown.

Community engagement key to maternal and neonatal health – study

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Findings from a four-year study (2012-2015) conducted by Makerere School of Public Health in Eastern Uganda have revealed a significant correlation between maternal health and community participation.

Can Ethiopian health extension work in Ugandan context

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Can Ethiopian health extension work in Ugandan context

Solar lighting increases night births in health facilities

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Among these interventions is a simplified solution to lighting of maternity wards using a Solar Suitcase. This is an easy-to-use power unit that provides health workers with lighting and power for mobile communication, laptop commuters and small medical devices.

Preterm birth now among leading causes of infant deaths


Preterm birth now among leading causes infant deaths

Thrive Networks and Embrace Merge Newborn Health Solutions: Programs Join Forces to Multiply Lifesaving Impact

Afghanistan, Benin, Cambodia, China, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Laos People’s Democratic Republic, Mexico, Mozambique, Myanmar, Philippines, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Zambia, Vietnam, South Sudan

Thrive Networks and newborn care innovator Embrace are joining forces to increase the reach and impact of their solutions to a persistent global health challenge: the unacceptably high newborn mortality rate in countries around the globe. 

Uganda’s capital blazes a trail in cutting child deaths, charity says – TRFN

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Kisenyi health centre in Kampala, which delivers 600 babies a month, symbolises the shift in Uganda which has seen the country invest more money in the healthcare system to make it accessible for the poorest, Save the Children said.

Midwives’ campaign: Vision trains journalists

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“We shall be having weekly talk shows on all our radio stations where we shall engage the leaders and the communities on how to improve the welfare of midwives in the country.”