With ‘kangaroo care,’ parents can save their premature babies, just by holding them

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In hospitals like Zeweditu in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, incubators are rare. And when they are available, the electricity supply isn’t reliable enough to keep them running.

Sandoz announces training program for midwives in Ethiopia to reduce maternal and newborn mortality

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New Life & Hope will sponsor four Basic Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care trainings for 100 healthcare professionals, or midwives. The trainings will impact the care of approximately 40,000 pregnant women in the Addis Ababa area.

U-M center launches first phase of reproductive health training in Ethiopia

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Students at eight Ethiopian medical schools begin comprehensive reproductive health training through new center led by Ethiopian-born doctor

Ethiopia: Kangaroo Mother Care for Newborns Recommended

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“There is tremendous opportunity and we know what needs to be done to ensure every Ethiopian mother and her baby have a healthy start,” Gary L. Darmstadt (MD), Lancet Series author and senior fellow at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, says.

Lancet, UN call for renewed commitment to improve newborn babies, maternal health

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It said that Ethiopia is currently ranked 6th in the world as having the greatest potential to save maternal, prenatal and neonatal lives by 2025.

Preterm birth complication number one child killer over world

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“This marks a turning of the tide, a transition from infections to neonatal conditions, especially those related to premature births, and this will require entirely different medical and public health approaches.”

India leads in preterm birth complication deaths: Study

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“We have an epidemic of preterm and newborn deaths that represents one of the greatest health challenges of the 21st century. Two-thirds of these deaths could be prevented without intensive care,” said Francisco.

For Babies, Preterm Birth Is Now The No. 1 Cause Of Death

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To learn more, Goats and Soda spoke with report co-author Robert Black, the director of the Institute for International Programs at the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University.

Study: Preterm Birth Complications Leading Cause of Death for Young Children

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The rise in deaths from preterm birth complications actually coincides with a dramatic decline in the worldwide mortality rate of children under five.

Save the Children Uses World Prematurity Day to Refocus Attention on Newborn Deaths

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Save the Children country offices will join more than 200 non-government organizations, UN agencies, medical and health organizations across the world in participating in the 4th World Prematurity Day (WPD).