India Slips Down Motherhood Index

Bangladesh, India, Zimbabwe, Iraq, United States of America

Just 19% of women in the poorest section of Delhi’s population had a skilled attendant present when they were giving birth. Among the richest women in the city however, 99% had a trained person around when they were in labor.

Bangladesh: Neonatal death rate remains static despite other successes


Health and population experts link better health outcomes to sustained growth of per capita income and expansion of health services both in rural and urban areas.

India: Mobilizing community support key to good maternal and child health


The White Ribbon Alliance is working with World Vision International, Save the Children and many other partners to organise national and district level citizens’ hearings in at least 30 countries in the first half of 2015.

Bangladesh: Exclusive breastfeeding for urban working mothers creates win-win situation for all


Through advocacy and technical support, selected garment factories integrated nutrition counseling and promotion in the workplace, developed support tools for mothers and created private space in the factory for mothers to breastfeed their infants.

Health literacy key to improving health outcomes in South East Asia


The Health Literacy Toolkit was launched at the World Congress of Public Health in Kolkata, India.

Better Bath Rituals Is One Way Bangladesh Is Saving Its Newborns


“through our work and other organizations, and the government, people now have a strong belief that there is a way out, if you act quickly.”

Poorest Children More Likely to Die Young in Developing Countries


Save the Children said that in 78 percent of the 87 low and middle income countries it analyzed in its “Lottery of Birth” report, at least one social or economic group was lagging behind and making slower progress in reducing child mortality.

Study: Minority Low-Birth-Weight Babies Less Likely to Get Help

United States of America

A study of 10,433 California babies born with a very low birth weight in 2010-11 found that many were not referred to a free statewide program that provides follow-up care.

India Slashes Healthcare Budget by Almost a Fifth


The finance ministry, headed by Arun Jaitley, has ordered the cut in spending overriding the protests of the health ministry at a recent meeting, according to Reuters.

Nigeria: National Health Bill finally signed by President Goodluck Jonathan


Late last night, we got information from a very reliable source that President Goodluck Jonathan had signed the National Health Bill into law.