Countries taking bold steps to end preventable newborn deaths within a generation; framework for ending maternal mortality released

Ethiopia, Nigeria, Chad, China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea-Bissau, Lesotho, Mali, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe

Countries are taking bold steps to end preventable newborn deaths within a generation. Additionally, a framework for ending maternal mortality has been released.

India: Haryana prepares action plan to reduce Infant Mortality Rate in state


The Haryana Newborn Action Plan will be prepared with the help of experts, and gaps in services including manpower, equipment, medicines and skill will be identified and addressed.

Obgyn training in Sub-Saharan Africa bolstered by new collections shared both online and offline

Ethiopia, Ghana

Increasing high quality, obstetric care in Sub-Saharan Africa is critical to achieving the World Health Organization consensus standards to eliminate preventable maternal mortality, and to attaining the goals of the Every Newborn Action Plan.

Governments can prevent tragic death toll of mothers and babies

Nigeria, Nepal, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan

Governments could substantially reduce the tragic death toll of infants and mothers by making postnatal care services more accessible – especially to impoverished and poorly educated women in rural areas, according to a study.

Saving newborn babies, one embrace at a time

Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam

The First Embrace, a regional launch in 37 countries, says Dr. Silvestre, is taking off from the Philippine experience of changing the way we care for our babies, especially immediately after birth, as well as changing our practices for mothers.

How Far With Nigeria’s Call to Action On Newborn Health?


New op-ed by Dr. Aminu Magashi highlights the policies guiding maternal and newborn health in Nigeria.

Global health partnership has saved 2.4 million women and children since 2010, says UN chief

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said preventable deaths of women and children could be ended “within a generation,” with political commitment an increase in innovative financing and strong partnership.

G7 Call to Action on Health

It is critical that the G7 continue its work on supporting health which is one of the group’s greatest achievements. A number of global NGOs have come together to call on the G7 to take action.

WHO First Embrace campaign to save more than 50,000 newborn babies a year in Western Pacific Region

First Embrace highlights early essential newborn care (EENC) – a package of actions and interventions that address the most common causes of newborn death or disease, such as prematurity (being born too soon), low birth weight and severe infection.

Strengthen the commitment to save new mothers and newborns

Michael Gerson’s powerful Feb. 24 op-ed column, “Saving lives at the start,” brought into sharp focus one of the great health challenges of the 21st century — stubbornly high maternal- and newborn-mortality rates in Africa and South Asia.