Mobile health service reaches 100,000 subscribers across Bangladesh


A global partnership of donors that aims at providing mobile phone aided health service this month reached 100,000 subscribers across Bangladesh under a program called Aponjon.

Mobiles beep health messages to women in India’s villages


Harnessing technology to access areas previously untouched by the national healthcare system, mobiles are being used increasingly to send important health messages.

Transforming Maternal and Newborn Health with Mobile Technology


The use of mobile phones has helped community health workers track pregnant women, report on dangers or complications during pregnancies, monitor antenatal care, and identify and refer women at risk.

Behind a Healthy Woman, there’s Girls and Men

What do "husband schools" have to do with saving women’s lives?

Maternal Health Hotline Helps Malawians Stay Connected


The Malawi Ministry of Health and NGOs such as Village Reach are collaborating with communities to use cell phones to address maternal, newborn and child health.

mHealth ‘could save a million African lives by 2017’

Botswana, Somalia

"Delivering mobile-assisted awareness to pregnant mothers and traditional birth attendants could reduce prenatal and maternal mortality by up to 30 percent," according to the report.

Tanzania: Hospital Programme Seeks to Improve Health Communication

Tanzania, United Republic of

Tanzanian hospitals are set to use e-Health and mobile Health programs in partnership with the Ministry of Health to help improve health communication and treatment. 

Using ICT Tools To Address Ghana’s Maternal And Neonatal Crisis


Data from both local and international organisations revealed that in 2011, West Africa’s second largest economy recorded 23,000 newborn deaths. This meant that three children died in an hour.

Bangladesh shows the way


Dr. Fida Mehran writes about the increasing use of mobile technology in maternal and child health efforts in Bangladesh. 

India: Exploring Mobile Data Collection and Maternal Health in Hyderabad


Two graduate students see opportunities to use mobile data collection to improve antenatal care in India.