Awareness about signs of stillbirths at a standstill


Dr Gupte said that every stillbirth should not only be investigated thoroughly but a post mortem should also be carried out on the foetus.

How Far With Nigeria’s Call to Action On Newborn Health?


New op-ed by Dr. Aminu Magashi highlights the policies guiding maternal and newborn health in Nigeria.

National group in Northern Ireland will work to cut deaths

Chaired by Northern Ireland’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Michael McBride, the Northern Ireland group will look at all infant deaths in Northern Ireland, from miscarriage to 1 year.

Uganda: Govt commits to reducing maternal, infant mortality


A Promise Renewed is signed in Kampala, committing Uganda to accountability while reducing the number of newborn, child and maternal deaths.

FOGSI launches maternal death review in India


Under the programme, the organisation will probe the circumstances leading to the death of the pregnant women and share the findings with the district and state authorities.