Malawi: Government to increase health budget for women, children

Bolivia, Cameroon, Malawi, United States of America

Malawi has committed to increasing financial alocations for the health budget with 30 percent of it to cater for health of women and children.

Nepal, Bangladesh beat India in mother and child care

Ethiopia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Egypt, India, Laos People’s Democratic Republic, Peru, Rwanda, Vietnam

Ten countries, including Nepal and Bangladesh in South Asia, have dramatically reduced mother and child deaths within two decades despite social and political challenges.

World Leaders Challenged to Ensure Every Woman and Child Live

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Mrs Graça Machel, PMNCH Chair and African Ambassador for A Promised Renewed, was emphatic in her address as she opened the Partners’ Forum.

Finally, neonatal mortality prevention gains attention

Bolivia, Cameroon, India, Malawi, United States of America

All the 194 countries that attended the World Health Assembly last month agreed to a commitment to support and implement measures that would save these lives.

Worldwide nearly six million babies are born and die each year without birth or death certificates

New Lancet Series finds counting births and deaths is an indicator of progress towards ending 3 million preventable infant deaths.

Global Investment Framework for Women’s and Children’s health

The economic and social returns of investing in women’s and children’s health are set out today in a landmark article published in The Lancet.

You can reduce chances of baby coming prematurely


Southeastern Uganda is leading in premature births mainly because of malnutrition and malaria. Uganda also ranks 11th in the number of deaths due to complications from pre-term birth.

Baby Boys at Higher Risk of Death, Disability in Preterm Births

Groundbreaking global studies on preterm birth and disability carried out by almost 50 researchers at 35 institutions and launched in association with World Prematurity Day finds baby boys are at a higher risk of death and disability due to preterm birth than baby girls

Newborn breakfast: Challenge for action

Newborn health was at the top of the agenda during a breakfast meeting held on the side of the UN General Assembly.

We have no choice: African Union urges action on maternal and child health

“We need to learn from each other and develop an action plan to address maternal and child health challenges on this continent”, President Zuma said.