Saving Lives at Birth: A Grand Challenge for Development Announces Round 5 Call for Innovative Solutions to Prevent Infant & Maternal Deaths

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Today, the Saving Lives at Birth: A Grand Challenge for Development partners launched their fifth call for groundbreaking, sustainable innovations to save the lives of mothers and newborns in the hardest to reach corners of the world.

United States Pledges $1 Billion to help Immunize 300 Million Additional Children by 2020

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Providing new and underutilized vaccines to the world’s poorest countries is a key driver in ending preventable child deaths by 2035.

One group fights to save the lives of thousands of newborns

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An ongoing campaign in Nepal to cut down on the number of newborn deaths is being carried out by thousands of volunteers, aided by the U.S. Development Agency (USAID).

Simple, inexpensive care can save newborn babies

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Dr Rubayet further said breastfeeding immediately after birth and exclusive breastfeeding for six months after birth, basic care for infections, and easing breathing difficulties could reduce such deaths by over three-quarters.

The army of housewives saving Nepal’s newborns

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Volunteers persuade women to use a basic antiseptic gel which they distribute free of charge under an initiative launched three years ago with funding from the US development agency USAID.

Bangladesh: Policy discussion on maternal and newborn health

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Speakers said that although maternal and newborn health are inextricably linked, program efforts addressing the health of mothers and infants are often planned, managed, and delivered separately.

Nigeria renews efforts to save newborns, mothers

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The Nigeria Newborn Health Conference was convened to build synergy and commitment toward ending preventable newborn deaths and renewing the momentum for newborn survival.

Development Partners Commit to a Global Financing Facility to Advance Women’s and Children’s Health

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The meeting saw partners commit resources to the global efforts to improve maternal and child health, including the Global Financing Facility, which will prioritise investment in the health of women and children.

Govt launches Indian Newborn Action Plan to reduce infant deaths


New Delhi: The government on Thursday launched the Indian Newborn Action Plan (INAP) to reduce infant mortality rate in the country.

With 13.3 lakh under-5 children dying annually, India launches action plan to reduce child mortality


“We are in touch with all states and will given them whatever they require according to their needs. It’s completely above politics and something that will bring together all stake-holders,” Vardhan said.