India leads in preterm birth complication deaths: Study

Ethiopia, Nigeria, Angola, Bangladesh, China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Indonesia, Liberia, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Kenya

“We have an epidemic of preterm and newborn deaths that represents one of the greatest health challenges of the 21st century. Two-thirds of these deaths could be prevented without intensive care,” said Francisco.

Frühgeburten häufigste Todesursache bei Kleinkindern

Nigeria, China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Pakistan

Mehr als jedes sechste Kind, das keine fünf Jahre alt wird, stirbt an den Komplikationen und Folgen einer Frühgeburt, wie Wissenschaftler in eine neue Studie ermittelt haben.

Premature birth ‘biggest killer’


Prof Joy Lawn said: “The success we’ve seen in the ongoing fight against infectious diseases demonstrates that we can also be successful if we invest in prevention and care for preterm birth”.

‘Our miracle baby Finley’ say parents of boy born at 24 weeks

As well as the medics who can make the difference between life and death, volunteers from a charity called Bliss come to the fore helping to support these families.

What’s behind the high rate of infant deaths in the U.S.

United States of America

Researchers pointed to such factors as gestational age and birth weight in proposing that health is the main driver of infant deaths in the U.S.

Premature births a big factor in high U.S. infant mortality rate

United States of America

The United States’ infant mortality rate is fourth highest among 29 of the world’s most developed nations, a new report says.

SickKids contributes to first International Standards to assess fetal growth and newborn size worldwide

Brazil, China, India, Kenya, United States of America

The international standards – one for the growing fetus and the other for newborns – provide doctors and midwives with clinical tools that can be incorporated immediately into practice during pregnancy and at birth.

New Coalition Seeks to Boost Preterm Birth Research

Introducing a new partnership to prevent preterm birth, The Global Coalition to Advance Preterm birth Research (GCAPR).

Developing and Strengthening Community Health Worker Programs at Scale

Developing and Strengthening Community Health Worker Programs at Scale

More maternity leave for mothers in Europe – the end of the dream?

Are the EU’s plans to withdraw the proposal on extending maternity leave throughout Europe justified?