Professional midwives set to improve maternal and child health in Bangladesh

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“The people of Bangladesh need services at the community level,” explains Salma Khatun, an assistant professor of reproductive health who has been deputized by the government’s Directorate of Nursing Services.

Bangladesh: Child mortality drops as Special Care Newborn Unit are saving babies

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By 2015, UNICEF plans to support the upgrading of SCANUs in nine more hospitals in managing sick newborns.

10 young children die in 10-hour span at Bangladesh hospital

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The children, ranging in age from 1 day to 3 1/2 years old, had been admitted with a variety of ailments, including malnutrition, infections and pneumonia.

Better Bath Rituals Is One Way Bangladesh Is Saving Its Newborns

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“through our work and other organizations, and the government, people now have a strong belief that there is a way out, if you act quickly.”

The Big Push: Call the Midwife in Bangladesh

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Expertise from the UK’s TV hit Call the Midwife is helping people in Bangladesh to break the taboo and improve the health of mothers and babies.

Bangladesh ‘Golden Girls’ Guard Maternal Safety

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In Bangladesh only 27 percent of pregnant women have access to highly trained birth attendants. These teen volunteers are trained to meet pregnant women in their communities and connect them to the most basic medical resources and information

Exclusive Breastfeeding Can Reduce Nigeria’s Burden Of Infant Mortality

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“It is not that women don’t understand the value of breastfeeding. Surveys repeatedly show that new mothers across many countries know that breast is best for babies.”

Maternal Supplementation Prevents Preterm Births

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Maternal micronutrient supplementation is able to reduce preterm births and low birth weights, according to a study involving over 44,000 Bangladeshi pregnancies.

Bangladesh: Keeping newborn warm in winter

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Experts from World Health Organisation (WHO) and Saving Newborn Lives initiative of Save the Children have recommended the following actions for proper postnatal care.

Simple, inexpensive care can save newborn babies

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Dr Rubayet further said breastfeeding immediately after birth and exclusive breastfeeding for six months after birth, basic care for infections, and easing breathing difficulties could reduce such deaths by over three-quarters.