New UNICEF report outlines steps to stop child deaths in Kenya

Kenya HNN Team

Kenya has been encouraged to improve postnatal care for mothers to reduce the high number of newborn deaths.

Philips collaborates with PET to commercialize innovative Wind-Up Fetal Heart Rate Monitor

Uganda, Kenya HNN Team

The Philips Africa Innovation Hub has unveiled the first Philips prototype of the Wind-up Fetal Doppler, underpinning their commitment to the partnership. The prototype is subject to clinical testing and regulatory approval, before release for general usage.

Saving “Every Woman, Every Child”: Canada ‘Incubates’ 22 Bold New Ideas

Bangladesh, India, Peru, Tanzania, United Republic of, Uganda, Kenya HNN Team

Innovators worldwide receive seed grants to help Bangladesh garment workers express, store breast milk, assist with childbirths in remote areas via mobile telecommunications, stabilize vaccines without refrigeration, produce snacks from rice bran waste to fight children’s iron deficiency.

SickKids contributes to first International Standards to assess fetal growth and newborn size worldwide

Brazil, China, India, Kenya, United States of America HNN Team

The international standards – one for the growing fetus and the other for newborns – provide doctors and midwives with clinical tools that can be incorporated immediately into practice during pregnancy and at birth.

Born equal: Babies born to healthy mothers worldwide grow similarly in the womb and are of strikingly similar size at birth

Brazil, China, India, Kenya, United States of America HNN Team

Poor nutrition and health, not race or ethnicity, cause most of the current wide disparities in fetal growth and newborn size

Integrating Health Care Systems to Save Lives


Benta and Ezekiel Awino have brought their 9-month-old baby, Ronny, to Rongo District Hospital in Western Kenya for an HIV test.

Clean delivery stressed to control high newborn mortality

Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Pakistan, Kenya HNN Team

Health experts in Pakistan say that both prevention and treatment efforts are required to address the high burden of newborn sepsis.

Health Experts Call On Government To Train More Midwives

Kenya HNN Team

“This is not sufficient to cater for the country’s 40 million people and as a result many rural pregnant women have to walk long distance in order to deliver safely.”

Turning the Tide on HIV, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health in Kenya

Kenya HNN Team

This support will build on on-going efforts by the Government of Kenya and other partners to increase access to lifesaving high impact interventions to promote the survival of our mothers and children.

African Countries Make New Investments in Health

Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Kenya HNN Team

This year, as UNAIDS reported, low and middle income countries are for the first time providing more funding themselves for HIV than they are getting from external sources.