Almost 3 Million Newborns Could Be Saved Each Year – UNICEF

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“Focusing on the crucial period between labour and the first hours of life can exponentially increase the chances of survival for both mother and child.”

Worldwide 5.5 million babies are born and die each year without a record of their existence

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New Lancet Series finds counting births and deaths is an indicator of progress towards ending three million preventable infant deaths.

Nepal now safer‚ better place for mothers‚ says report

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Nepal rose five spots on Save the Children’s 2015 Mothers’ Index, overtaking Bhutan to reach 116th out of 178 countries globally.

Pakistan: ‘Govt to regularise services of midwives, LHWs within a week’

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Considering the nature of their job and the low pay, the long-standing demand by the LHWs and CMWs of Sindh for the regularisation of their services is more than justified.

Clean delivery stressed to control high newborn mortality

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Health experts in Pakistan say that both prevention and treatment efforts are required to address the high burden of newborn sepsis.

Balochistan regularises services of over 7,000 lady health workers

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The government said it was aware of the difficulties faced by lady health workers and community midwives and recognised their efforts for helping mothers and children in need of urgent medical attention.

Q&A with Ishtiaq Mannan: Preventing Newborn Deaths

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“Two thirds of Bangladeshi mothers that are still delivering at home at the hand of unskilled providers.”

Modern training modules for midwives

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The objective of the ceremony was to acknowledge and appreciate the commitment and efforts of LHWs and CMWs.

Pakistan: Appalling conditions: Parliamentarians briefed on gaps in maternal and neonatal care

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Research conducted by the WHO found that Mother and Newborn Health indicators were the worst in rural areas, where 64% births were reported but only 29.8% of women were assisted by Skilled Birth Attendants – 31% lower than their urban counterparts.

Pakistan: PA passes bill to regularise 48,000 LHWs

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The Punjab Reproductive, Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health Authority Bill was passed by the assembly as the opposition withdrew a proposed amendment to it.