New data show child mortality rates falling faster than ever

Ethiopia, Nigeria, Angola, Bangladesh, Eritrea, India, Liberia, Niger, Tanzania, United Republic of

New data released today by the United Nations show that under-five mortality rates have dropped by 49% between 1990 and 2013.

Almost half of child deaths occur in first month of life, UN estimates

Ethiopia, Nigeria, China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Liberia, Niger, Pakistan, Rwanda

Most are from preventable causes such as diseases like pneumonia, malnutrition and complications in labour, but new research highlights success in Rwanda.

Powerful synergies across different sectors improve health of poor women and children

Ethiopia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Egypt, Laos People’s Democratic Republic, Peru, Rwanda, Vietnam

“These studies revealed that improving people’s health and strengthening health systems required investing in health-enhancing sectors such as education, water and sanitation, social protection, and infrastructure development.”

Kangaroo Mother Care Could Save Millions of Lives In Poor Countries


In a simple home in the village of Mosebo, Ethiopia—an earthen floor and walls made of wood and mud—a woman sat on a mattress on the floor with her crying, 8-month-old son. The mother, Alemitu Kelkay, pressed him to her breast, and eventually he quieted down.

Solidifying commitments to ensuring zero maternal and newborn deaths


The Partners’ Forum was focused on various issues related to success and setbacks of maternal and newborn health.

Nepal, Bangladesh beat India in mother and child care

Ethiopia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Egypt, India, Laos People’s Democratic Republic, Peru, Rwanda, Vietnam

Ten countries, including Nepal and Bangladesh in South Asia, have dramatically reduced mother and child deaths within two decades despite social and political challenges.

Canada ensures that the health of women and children remains a global priority

Ethiopia, India, United States of America

Minister Paradis attends the high-level forum Acting on the Call: Ending Preventable Child and Maternal Deaths in Washington, DC.

Ending Newborn Deaths: Ensuring Every Baby Survives

Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic

Save the Children is calling on world leaders, philanthropists and the private sector to meet and commit to the Five Point Newborn Promise in 2014.

More than a million babies die on the day of their birth every year

Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic

Save the Children argues that most of these deaths are preventable.

Studies highlight community-based efforts to improve health of mothers and newborns in Ethiopia


“This special issue provides practitioners with insight into the community-based efforts to reduce maternal and infant mortality in Ethiopia.”