Africa: It’s Time to do Another “Easy” Thing: Newborn Health Care

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The conference is focused on newborns, but our panoramic view involves partnerships across many sectors. As the proverb goes, a bundle of sticks is not easily broken. To raise the profile of newborn survival, we need a strong bundle of sticks.  

Pakistan: Plan to cut child, maternal mortality rates: Millennium goals set to be missed

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Ms. Wazirali said the plan is based on interventions and strategies and covered delivery of a package of MNCH services in 40 least developed areas and districts.

Bill Gates on Importance of Measuring Results in Ethiopia


The concrete goal of reducing child mortality by two-thirds created a clear target by which to measure success or failure.

Trinidad and Tobago: Too Many Babies Dying

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 Unicef reports on infant and child mortality in Trinidad and Tobago.

Reducing infant, maternal mortality key to meeting millennium goals in Jordan

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Interview with Muna Irdis of the UNFPA in Jordan highlights improvements, next steps needed to meet MDG 4 and 5. 

Zulfiqar Bhutta: patriotics and paediatrics

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“In my heart of hearts I feel very optimistic”, he says. “Even amongst the conflict and the societal fissures, I see the seeds of social change.” There is certainly no doubting Pakistan’s resilience.

NeoNatal Deaths on the Rise

  According to a report released by UNICEF, India alone accounts for 2.1 million annual neonatal deaths out of the grand total of 3.1 million neonatal deaths in South Asia.

Ascertaining child and maternal mortality rates


The Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO) announce that a country-wide survey will be started on March 1 to ascertain child and maternal mortality rates in Pakistan.