Kenya: The high price of birth


Expectant mothers living in internally displaced people’s camps in western Kenya need qualified medical help to minimize the possible risks associated with delivery, the residents said.

Money, Money, Money at the UN — Will $40 Billion Rescue Pregnant Mothers and Their Infants?

Wall Street starts a worldwide recession and donors are contributing less money than ever to the ambitious UN plan to slash poverty by 2015. But the world body believes it can garner a startling $40 billion to rescue pregnant women and their infants.

Is India doing enough for its children?

India HNN Team

Sharda, a 17-year-old mother, gave birth to her first child in February in a village in Noida, just a few hours’ drive outside New Delhi. Though her son was born premature and weak, he received no treatment.

Innovative cover gives poor mothers a chance to smile


At the recently constructed semi-permanent Canna Medical Centre in Viwandani slums, Nairobi, Grace Nyambonyi and her baby girl Mary, have come for one of their final post-natal visits.

ReliefWeb: 100,000 Pakistani women at risk

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Tens of thousands of newborn babies and their mums in Pakistan could be in serious danger as the floods continue to cause misery for millions of families. Sumia, 25, gave birth to a baby boy by the side of the road after being forced to evacuate her home in Shlar, Pakistan due to the encroaching floods. They had no time to collect belongings and have no money; they have received no medical care. At least half a million pregnant women have been affected by the floods, with more than 100,000 of them due to give birth in the next few months. Many will be forced to deliver in temporary shelters or tents, with no access to clean water or health care and often

Pakistan: Save the Children Provides Critical Health Services to Vulnerable Mothers and Children


100,000 Pregnant Women at Risk in Flood-Hit Pakistan – As the devastating floods in Pakistan continue to cause misery for millions of families, Save the Children reports that tens of thousands of newborn babies and their mothers could be in serious danger.

Laos: Rebirth of the midwife

Laos People’s Democratic Republic HNN Team

Dozens of Lao women are learning to be midwives as part of a national effort to bring down one of the region’s highest maternal mortality rates.

The Times of India: UP riskiest place for women to give birth

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According to the survey report, endorsed by the Population Foundation of India, more than one-third cases of women dying due to pregnancy related causes in India are registered from Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

HEALTH-INDIA: Infant Units Go A Long Way in Saving Babies

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Banita’s heart sank when she first saw her prematurely born twin girls. One weighed 500 grammes and the other 700 grammes, both way below the 2.5-kilogramme benchmark for low-birthweight newborns.

IRIN In Brief: Cambodia needs more midwives to reduce maternal deaths

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Cambodia must increase the number of trained health professionals to reduce its high maternal mortality rate, experts say.