Nigeria renews efforts to save newborns, mothers

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The Nigeria Newborn Health Conference was convened to build synergy and commitment toward ending preventable newborn deaths and renewing the momentum for newborn survival.

Minister Tasks Stakeholders To Strengthen Primary Healthcare

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The Minister made the call in Abuja at the opening of a national conference on newborn health organised by the ministry in collaboration with stakeholders in the health sector.

250,000 Nigeria’s babies die in first month – Minister

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The Ministry’s Director of Family Health, Dr. Balami Wonpada decried low efforts from both state and local governments, adding that since the local councils were closer to the people at the grassroots, the council should make it a mandate to prioritise the situation.

Nigeria in last minute move to meet health-related MDG target

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Although Nigeria has made some progress in reducing child mortality, the country is behind the 2015 target of 30.3 deaths per 1000 live births as against 61 deaths per 1,000 live births Nigeria recorded in 2012.

Ebola may change how aid is spent on healthcare in Africa

Nigeria, Guinea, Liberia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone HNN Team

Experts are now debating whether the funding balance needs to be adjusted to concentrate more on building general health systems in poor countries so they can withstand health crises like Ebola.

Preterm Birth, Pneumonia Leading Causes of Death for Children Under 5

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“Millions of children are still dying of preventable causes at a time when we have the means to deliver cost-effective interventions,” the study authors wrote.

New data show child mortality rates falling faster than ever

Ethiopia, Nigeria, Angola, Bangladesh, Eritrea, India, Liberia, Niger, Tanzania, United Republic of HNN Team

New data released today by the United Nations show that under-five mortality rates have dropped by 49% between 1990 and 2013.

Almost half of child deaths occur in first month of life, UN estimates

Ethiopia, Nigeria, China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Liberia, Niger, Pakistan, Rwanda HNN Team

Most are from preventable causes such as diseases like pneumonia, malnutrition and complications in labour, but new research highlights success in Rwanda.

Mobile platform reveals low knowledge on newborn deaths in Nigeria

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“88 per cent of U-reporters were not aware that newborn babies die frequently in their communities and about 50 per cent did not think it is a problem where they live.”

Nigerian government committed to improving maternal and newborn health – minister

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Chukwu said this year’s theme was strategic as it brings to focus the importance of universal health coverage unlocking the door for significant improvement in the health status of Nigerians.