With 546 days left to score Millennium Development Goals, new roadmap released to save lives of additional 140,000 women, 250,000 newborns by end of 2015

“The Acceleration Roadmap challenges leaders focused on maternal and newborn survival to save every life possible in the remaining six quarters until the MDGs expire.”

Integrating Health Care Systems to Save Lives


Benta and Ezekiel Awino have brought their 9-month-old baby, Ronny, to Rongo District Hospital in Western Kenya for an HIV test.

Nigerian government committed to improving maternal and newborn health – minister


Chukwu said this year’s theme was strategic as it brings to focus the importance of universal health coverage unlocking the door for significant improvement in the health status of Nigerians.

Legislation needed: Maternal, newborn health should be a basic right, say speakers


The roundtable aimed at sensitising participants on the gaps and limitations of existing social safety nets for improving health in general, and mother and neonatal health (MNH) in particular, for the most marginalised women.

Q&A with Kathryn Bolles: Best Places to be a Mother

An interview with Save the Children’s Kathryn Bolles.

World Bank seeks to bridge differences over best way to improve healthcare

The World Bank pressed its campaign for universal health coverage at its spring meetings on Friday and sought ways to bridge a conflict over how best to raise healthcare at the same time as reducing disease and premature death.

Uganda: Kangaroo Mother Care Saves Babies


Nakaseke Hospital in Uganda uses Kangaroo Mother Care to help preterm and low birth weight babies survive.

Nigeria: Presidential Summit Participants Call for Mandatory Health Insurance


It called for the strengthening and expanding financial risk protection mechanism for the poor and vulnerable groups as part of the broader social protection efforts.

Health cuts see newborn deaths jump 43% in Greece

EU-mandated spending cuts in the Greek healthcare system has brought the country decades back into time, according to Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, a liberal MEP from the German FDP party.

Good Health Lies Just Across the Border

Afghanistan, Pakistan

 Muzaffar Shah, a shopkeeper from Kabul, sits in a hospital waiting room, desperate for news. He has travelled nearly 300 km to get to the capital of northern Pakistan, where his wife is now in intensive care.