Jhpiego To Launch 15 Emergency Child Birth Training Sites In Ethiopia


Jhpiego equips every training site with all the materials required for BEmONC training including mother and newborn simulation models, delivery kits, computers, LCD projectorand other essential materials to conduct training. 

Educating Mothers to End South Africa’s Newborn Deaths

Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa

Despite remarkable changes in the levels of understanding of newborn mortality and prevention methods, newborns continue to die and now account for more than 40 percent of all under five deaths. 

Health Experts Attend Global Conference on Infant Mortality

South Africa

Medical and aid officials gathered in Johannesburg this week for the conference dedicated to developing strategies to save more newborns.  

Exclusive, Extended Breastfeeding Lowers Mother-to-Infant HIV Risk


A new study has found that HIV-infected mothers are less likely to transmit the virus to their newborns if they breastfeed their child exclusively for more than four months. The findings have important implications in sub-Saharan Africa.  

Saving Newborns

South Africa

South Africa is praised for its fast progress in increasing post-natal survival rates due to HIV programmes, but Lawn warned that this hid the fact that the country’s newborn death rate was “flatlining."   

Roadmap to tackle newborn deaths

Nepal, Bangladesh, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa

The Global Newborn Action Plan (GNAP) comes as countries make their final push towards the Millennium Development Goals. GNAP is defined as a high-level roadmap that focuses specifically on newborn health.  

Bold, Determined Action Now Will Save Millions of Lives in the Future, Stresses Secretary-General in Message to Global Newborn Conference

South Africa

 UN General Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon delivered a message for those attending the Global Newborn Health Conference in South Africa. 

Global groups say fight to improve newborn health is advancing

Bangladesh, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa

International healthcare organisations on Monday noted progress in the global fight against deaths among newborns and stunted growth due to malnutrition, but said further support was needed.

Experts seek ramped up action to save newborn lives


"The answer is pretty simple. We’re not taking full advantage of the promising interventions we have at our disposal," Gary Darmstadt told the conference.

The Magic Five Miles

Sierra Leone

If you were about to give birth would you stay somewhere five miles away from any sort of health care?