Uganda Researchers Excited By HIV News


Current treatment in Uganda involves the use of several antiretroviral drugs, termed, Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART), which can extend the life expectancy of people living with HIV and decrease viral load.

Uganda: Govt asked to increase health budget


Increasing funding to the health sector will help ensure that health facilities have the necessary equipment to provide women giving birth says White Ribbon Alliance for Motherhood national coordinatorRobina Biteyi.

Breast milk can save 97 babies an hour

Uganda, Kenya

Speaking during the release of the report in Nairobi, the head of the Division of Nutrition at the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation, Terry Wefwafwa said that the report is a call to action for Kenyans to rediscover the importance of breastfeeding.

Innovative policy to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV shows positive impact


In Malawi, treatment through Option B+ reduced barriers to women receiving life-saving medications. Option B+ enabled women to receive ART and prenatal care in the same clinic, and required only a positive rapid HIV test result to initiate treatments.

Africa: Breastfeeding Prevents Child’s Death


The report also calls on governments to make their health systems stronger to promote, protect and support breastfeeding. This, the report said, should include the provision of adequate funding to long term health worker training, recruitment, support and retention.

Ghana launches MamaYe campaign to further promote maternal and newborn health


The campaign, which will focus on improving training and supervision of maternal and newborn health care, seeks to transform the resigned social acceptance of death in pregnancy and childbirth.

Nigeria: Reducing Maternal, Child Mortality, Through Health Workers’ Empowerment


 Health care workers believe that 75 per cent of maternal deaths in Nigeria occur in the rural communities where pregnant women do not have adequate information about what they need to do when they are pregnant.

Uganda: Many districts hard to serve, says minister


The State Minister for Health General Services said the Ministry for Health is overstretched by demand for health services due to the creation of new districts.

Malawi’s Leader Makes Safe Childbirth Her Mission


There is no simple blueprint for leading this kind of attitudinal change at a national level, but the “safe motherhood committees” are a savvy dissemination tool at the tribal level.

Nigeria: E4A announces three-day media training


The training has been designed to train journalists on the need for accountability, improved advocacy and the use of credible information to save lives of mothers and newborns in Nigeria.