Natural incubator improving newborn survival


 Bangladesh has made a commendable success in reducing the mortality rate of under-5 children.

Bangladesh: Natural incubator improving newborn survival

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Researchers have shown that maternal infant skin-to-skin contact is an effective and inexpensive way for keeping babies warm and synchronizes with mother’s temperature

Saving preterm babies with simple steroid


Preterm births (birth before 37 weeks of pregnancy) is the biggest killer of babies worldwide, causing more than one million deaths per year.

The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health

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Global forum calls for urgent action to curb health inequities, cut maternal and child mortality

Nepal, Bangladesh beat India in mother and child care

Ethiopia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Egypt, India, Laos People’s Democratic Republic, Peru, Rwanda, Vietnam

Ten countries, including Nepal and Bangladesh in South Asia, have dramatically reduced mother and child deaths within two decades despite social and political challenges.

WHO recommends women’s groups to improve maternal and newborn health

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The World Health Organisation has recommended an intervention developed and tested by partners in four countries and UCL researchers to improve maternal and newborn health.

Parteras, mujeres que dan y salvan vidas

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La ugandesa Agnes Kasaigi y la bangladeshí Ponita Rana Raha comparten su experiencia con tras recibir en Praga el Premio a la Mejor Matrona del Mundo 2014.

Saving Newborn Lives

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Bangladesh’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and partners organised a dissemination workshop to share the findings of three recently completed clinical trials.

Bangladesh betters its position

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This year’s report focuses on mothers in humanitarian crises. For Bangladesh, it says that the country has always been vulnerable to cyclones and seasonal floods.

Q&A with Ishtiaq Mannan: Preventing Newborn Deaths

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“Two thirds of Bangladeshi mothers that are still delivering at home at the hand of unskilled providers.”