Educating Mothers to End South Africa’s Newborn Deaths

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Despite remarkable changes in the levels of understanding of newborn mortality and prevention methods, newborns continue to die and now account for more than 40 percent of all under five deaths. 

Global groups say fight to improve newborn health is advancing

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International healthcare organisations on Monday noted progress in the global fight against deaths among newborns and stunted growth due to malnutrition, but said further support was needed.

Roadmap to tackle newborn deaths

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The Global Newborn Action Plan (GNAP) comes as countries make their final push towards the Millennium Development Goals. GNAP is defined as a high-level roadmap that focuses specifically on newborn health.  

Africa: It’s Time to do Another “Easy” Thing: Newborn Health Care

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The conference is focused on newborns, but our panoramic view involves partnerships across many sectors. As the proverb goes, a bundle of sticks is not easily broken. To raise the profile of newborn survival, we need a strong bundle of sticks.  

Innovative policy to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV shows positive impact

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In Malawi, treatment through Option B+ reduced barriers to women receiving life-saving medications. Option B+ enabled women to receive ART and prenatal care in the same clinic, and required only a positive rapid HIV test result to initiate treatments.

Malawi’s Leader Makes Safe Childbirth Her Mission


There is no simple blueprint for leading this kind of attitudinal change at a national level, but the “safe motherhood committees” are a savvy dissemination tool at the tribal level.

African leaders mobilise internal resources to reduce maternal/infant mortality

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Another approach, Museveni suggested, should be sensitisation. "This is very crucial to educate expectant mothers to attend ante-natal clinics in order to ensure safe delivery. 

Planning a Family, Transforming a Nation


A piece on Family Planning in Malawi.

Under-five child deaths still high in Malawi

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Despite being on track to meet MDG4, more women need to be visiting antenatal care facilities in the first trimester. 

Malawi: Project reduces maternal deaths

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Community Based Maternal Neonatal Care Programme has reduced maternal and neonatal deaths in Dowa, Malawi implementers of the project said.