Saving the lives of mothers and newborns in remote areas of Nepal


One Heart World-Wide, a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention of maternal and neonatal deaths, has been setting up birthing centers in Nepal.

In Asia-Pacific, health poses challenge to 2015 goals

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A new UN assessment indicates South Asia is underperforming in trying to reduce child mortality and improve maternal health.

Neonatal mortality still a challenge


In a bid to bring down existing neonatal mortality rate, the government has decided to extend Community Based Newborn Care Program in six more districts across the country.

Road to Durban: The world needs midwives more than ever

Nepal, Afghanistan, Bangladesh

The scene outside the stadium mirrored a celebratory atmosphere as some 1,000 midwives from 103 countries gathered on a warm Durban winter day cheering for a common cause: The world needs more midwives.

Nepal Midwife Wins Jhpiego’s International Award for Outstanding Contribution to Midwifery


Jhpiego presents the International Award for Outstanding Contribution to Midwifery to Nepal’s Maiya Manandhar, a role model for providing services to women.

Nepal – City slum dwellers’ health condition appalling


A recent survey in Nepal has revealed that many women living in slum areas of Kathmandu are either unaware of it or reluctant to benefit from free birth services.

The Himalayan: Government bid to reduce neonatal Deaths

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The Ministry of Health and Population is extending Community Based Newborn Care Package (CB-NBP) to 15 districts with a view to reducing neonatal mortality rate—death within the first 28 days of life.

Nepal: Government to Scale-Up Neonatal Care

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With a view to bringing down neonatal mortality rate, the Ministry of Health and Population is scaling up the Community-Based Newborn Care Package (CB-NCP) into 24 districts across the country, mainly targeting neonates, as the infection has been one of the leading causes of them.

Advocates continue to call on all

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Malawi: WRA, Save the Children, Oxfam and Fair Play Africa co-hosted a two day meeting in Lilongwe for health advocates from across Africa to focus on advocacy efforts.

Save the Children Featured in BBC World “Invisible Lives” Documentary

Nepal, Malawi

 Save the Children’s Newborn Health Expert, Dr. Joy Lawn, Examines How Nepal and Malawi Make Gains in Saving Newborn Lives; Film Airing on January 26-29