World leaders take important step to prevent 3 million newborn deaths

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“Progress requires working with other government officials, not to mention the private sector, civil society, religious organizations, and community leaders.”

Africa: ‘No Excuse’ for Newborn Deaths

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“There has been a fatalistic acceptance from both communities and governments,” Professor Joy Lawn, a Ugandan-born paediatrician at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, told AllAfrica in a telephone interview.

Almost 3 Million Newborns Could Be Saved Each Year – UNICEF

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“Focusing on the crucial period between labour and the first hours of life can exponentially increase the chances of survival for both mother and child.”

Worldwide 5.5 million babies are born and die each year without a record of their existence

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New Lancet Series finds counting births and deaths is an indicator of progress towards ending three million preventable infant deaths.

Melinda Gates Works to Curb Newborn Deaths

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Inexpensive, Low-Tech Solutions Urged, Such as Breast-Feeding, ‘Kangaroo Care’.

Scaling Up Nigeria’s Healthcare Infrastructure and Unlocking Market Potential

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The meeting under the caption: ‘Health Agenda for the Private Sector Joint Advocacy and Commitment Declaration’ brought together key players across the globe to show commitment on how the private sector can create the synergy needed to revamp Nigeria’s health sector.

Nigeria: FG urges states to observe uniform immunization period

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At the opening of the Implementation of the Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health Week (MNCH week) in Abuja, Mohammad explained that the national schedule was also part of efforts to improve the health status of Nigerian women, children and newborns.

Clean delivery stressed to control high newborn mortality

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Health experts in Pakistan say that both prevention and treatment efforts are required to address the high burden of newborn sepsis.

Health Minister approves production of newborn antiseptic gel by Nigerian company

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The Minister of Health, Onyebuchi Chukwu, on Tuesday in Bauchi granted regulatory approval for the production of newborn cord care antiseptic gel, Chlorhexidine Digluconate 7.1%, by a Nigerian pharmaceutical company, Drugfield Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Nigeria: Presidential Summit Participants Call for Mandatory Health Insurance

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It called for the strengthening and expanding financial risk protection mechanism for the poor and vulnerable groups as part of the broader social protection efforts.