Webinar: Helping Babies Breathe catalyzing Helping Babies Survive

Ethiopia, Nigeria, India HNN Team

This webinar will analyze lessons learned from a Global Development Alliance and its future plans.

Countries taking bold steps to end preventable newborn deaths within a generation; framework for ending maternal mortality released

Ethiopia, Nigeria, Chad, China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea-Bissau, Lesotho, Mali, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe HNN Team

Countries are taking bold steps to end preventable newborn deaths within a generation. Additionally, a framework for ending maternal mortality has been released.

India: Haryana prepares action plan to reduce Infant Mortality Rate in state

India HNN Team

The Haryana Newborn Action Plan will be prepared with the help of experts, and gaps in services including manpower, equipment, medicines and skill will be identified and addressed.

Map: The best (and worst) countries to be a mother

Ethiopia, Bolivia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Liberia, Rwanda, Somalia, Central African Republic, United States of America HNN Team

On average, one woman in 30 is likely to die from pregnancy-related causes, and seven out of 10 women will lose a child in their lifetime. Despite global improvements in children’s and maternal health, inequality between the world’s richest and poorest mothers and children is widening.

Scoping survey in preparation of a high-level conference and the launch of an inducement prize on maternal and newborn health

HNN Team

This questionnaire provides the opportunity for you to have your voice heard and taken into account when designing the European and global strategy to reach the Sustainable Development Goals on maternal and newborn health.

Nigeria: World Bank Approves US$500 Million to Improve Maternal and Child Health, Achieve the ‘Saving One Million Lives’ Goal

Nigeria HNN Team

Federal and State governments will also receive incentive payments for better tackling governance and management issues in the health sector and for improving the quality of basic health services.

Infant, maternal health voices for global hearings

Tanzania, United Republic of HNN Team

Tanzanians` voices on health issues collected in the run-up to White Ribbon Day will be shared at the Global Citizen Hearing to be held during the World Health Assembly.

Zambian Civil Society Launches Alliance to End Maternal and Child Deaths

Zambia HNN Team

The Zambian Government wants to ensure that maternal, neonatal and child health outcomes are enshrined as key goals of national development policies and plans, as enshrined in the Zambian Government’s Roadmap for Accelerating Maternal, Newborn and Child Mortality, 2013-2016.

India: Mobilizing community support key to good maternal and child health

India HNN Team

The White Ribbon Alliance is working with World Vision International, Save the Children and many other partners to organise national and district level citizens’ hearings in at least 30 countries in the first half of 2015.

Malawi: When Bylaws Prevent Maternal and Newborn Deaths

Malawi HNN Team

“If you walk around the village you will find that each house has a message on it. The idea is to remind ourselves of what we are supposed to do so as to save pregnant women and newborn babies.”