New International Pregnancy Research Centers Will Advance Understanding of Preterm Birth

Bangladesh, Zambia HNN Team

The research sites will enroll women early in pregnancy and collect information and biological specimens during their pregnancy and delivery. These data and specimens will be used to advance innovative research into the causes of preterm birth and identify novel strategies for prevention.

Emergency obstetric care inadequate, says ICDDRB

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The study found that because of shortage of skilled health officials, unskilled assistants often checked fetus position, delivered babies, managed newborns’ breathing, cleaning and weighing.

Invisible children: birth registration is a prerequisite for equality

Nigeria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, India, Mozambique, Pakistan, South Africa, Tanzania, United Republic of, Uganda, Vietnam HNN Team

More than a third of children are not registered at birth, making it difficult for them to contribute to economic, social and political life. Could a new governance indicator bring change?

How Bangladesh achieved its “amazing” health statistics

Bangladesh HNN Team

In health terms, Bangladesh is a “positive deviant”, performing far better, given its widespread poverty, than anyone could have expected.

Bangladesh: Preterm birth causes 45% newborn deaths: Survey

Bangladesh HNN Team

In Bangladesh, every year approximately 76,000 newborns die and around 88% of neonatal deaths are from three preventable causes.

Five inspirational organisations from Malawi, Bangladesh, Mali, Kenya, and Colombia recognised by GSK and Save the Children

Bangladesh, Malawi, Mali, Kenya, Colombia HNN Team

Winners of $1 million award to support lifesaving innovations announced. First initiative to be delivered in partnership between GSK and Save the Children that aims to save a million children’s lives.???

In India, Teenage Pregnancy Extremely Likely

Bangladesh, India HNN Team

Stillbirths and newborn deaths are 50% more likely among infants of adolescent mothers than among mothers aged 20 to 29, according to the WHO in 2012.

Global child mortality rates “halved”

Ethiopia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Liberia, Malawi, Niger, Tanzania, United Republic of, Uganda HNN Team

The report indicated that even some of the world’s poorest countries were able to dramatically reduce child mortality rates.

Delivering essential newborn and maternal care to three upazilas in Bangladesh

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On 13 September, UNICEF and partners reveal new numbers on global progress towards ending preventable child deaths

Consultation on neonatal health ends

Nepal, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan HNN Team

During the Every Newborn Asia Regional Consultation, child health experts shared their experiences and remedies to reduce neonatal mortality.