Vladimir Putin salutes the progress in improving perinatal health

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The new initiative “Every Newborn: an action plan to end preventable deaths” was presented and participants were invited to have an active part in its development.

Save the Children mothers’ index: 10 worst countries in sub-Saharan Africa

Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gambia, Somalia, United States of America HNN Team

For the first time, the charity has compiled a separate index on newborn deaths. While deaths of children under five around the world have come down substantially in recent years, there has been little progress on newborns.  

High-level Conference Launch Global Campaign Report in Norway: Accelerating Progress in saving the lives of women and children

The conference brought together prominent politicians and experts to see how we can build on the current momentum to set ambitious and achievable targets for global health in 2013 and beyond.  

Born too soon – what is the outlook for severely premature babies?

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 Despite new research showing improvements in survival rates of severely preterm babies in the UK, the toll remains immense for families.