Stillbirth rate ‘poor’ says Scotland’s leading maternity doctor

“At the moment one in 200 babies are stillborn in Scotland. Our rate ranks Scotland 31st out of 33 high income countries in the world.”

Remarks by National Security Advisor Susan E. Rice At USAID’s Saving Lives at Birth Event

We need to harness our power for progress and put it to work improving the lives of people around the world.  That’s the spirit the Obama Administration has brought to all of our development work. 

Maharashtra fails to deliver good healthcare to pregnant women


The stillbirth rate in these nine districts not only outnumbers infant deaths but is also alarmingly higher than the national average.

Maternal and child health: Achieving MDGs a distant dream for Pakistan


To reduce under-five mortality rate, there is a need for huge investment in health services for pregnant women and the newborn baby, including the prevention of preterm births and stillbirths and scale-up of effective low-cost interventions, it stated. 

Global groups say fight to improve newborn health is advancing

Bangladesh, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa

International healthcare organisations on Monday noted progress in the global fight against deaths among newborns and stunted growth due to malnutrition, but said further support was needed.

Saving Newborns

South Africa

South Africa is praised for its fast progress in increasing post-natal survival rates due to HIV programmes, but Lawn warned that this hid the fact that the country’s newborn death rate was “flatlining."   

Ghanaian Pregnant Women Who Sleep On Back at Increased Risk of Stillbirth


Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest rate of stillbirth in the world and little progress has been made in reducing those deaths.

India: More stillborn babies were delivered in 2012 in district


"Our aim is to bring stillbirths significantly down in the next few years. This can only be done when more pregnant women start receiving pre-delivery or antenatal care (ANC) right from the conception stage."  

Combating a crisis: Global burden of preterm birth can be reduced if critical actions are taken

There are significant opportunities to enhance research into pregnancy complications and develop solutions to prevent prematurity and stillbirth. 

Global child mortality rate declines: UN

The global mortality rate for young children has been nearly halved in the past two decades, but Africa and South Asia have not kept pace, the United Nations said.