Two Weeks Since Typhoon Haiyan, Save the Children says Breast Milk Critical to Health of 25,000 Newborns Expected in Disaster Areas Within the Next Month

Philippines HNN Team

“Breastfeeding is critical for newborn babies, especially following a disaster like Typhoon Haiyan, which has had a devastating impact on the Philippines.”

Typhoon babies fight against odds in ravaged Philippine city

Philippines HNN Team

Many of the 80 babies born in the hospital since the typhoon came prematurely, their mothers shocked into labor by Friday’s trauma.

UNFPA Estimates 200,000 Pregnant Women Need Help in Aftermath of Super Typhoon

Philippines HNN Team

Because approximately 40% of women in the Philippines deliver at home, clean delivery kits are being provided to partners and midwives.

Health volunteers help mothers and their newborn babies in Kawergosk refugee camp, Iraq

Iraq HNN Team

UNICEF is training medical volunteers to recognize the danger signs for newborns and advise mothers on the essential elements of newborn care, including exclusive breastfeeding.

In Haiti, emergency clinics help reduce maternal and neonatal deaths

Haiti HNN Team

In Haiti, clinics providing emergency obstetric and newborn care are working to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality rates.

A game-changer for Save the Children?

HNN Team

Merlin is now part of Save the Children. Tuesday’s announcement could shake up the international nonprofit landscape and affect thousands of aid workers around the globe.