Reducing infant, maternal mortality key to meeting millennium goals in Jordan

HNN Team

Interview with Muna Irdis of the UNFPA in Jordan highlights improvements, next steps needed to meet MDG 4 and 5. 

Educate Mothers on Newborn Health Care


Ghana’s First Lady, Mrs. Ernestina Naadu-Mills has urged midwives, community health nurses and other health professionals to educate pregnant and nursing mothers on the provisions of quality newborn healthcare for their babies.

‘The grief is all engulfing’: Each day in Britain, 17 babies are stillborn – why is the toll so high?

 Britain has one of the very worst incidences of stillbirths of all developed countries. Ranking 32nd out of 35 countries, with a rate of 3.5 deaths per 1,000 births. 

Closely spaced pregnancies put maternal, newborn lives at risk


Getting pregnant soon after childbearing, miscarriage or abortion places mothers and newborns at a higher risk of health complications or even death.

Internet Kiosks Help Reduce Infant Mortality Rates: Study examined women’s use of technology in rural India


Read about a new study conducted by a researcher at the University of Arkansas shows that Internet kiosks providing information on prenatal and postnatal care for mother and baby have helped reduce infant, child, and maternal mortality rates in rural India.

Group: Baby deaths high in Zimbabwe gov’t housing


Learn how the displacement of an estimated 700,000 people in the brutal, allegedly politically driven demolition of slums and market stalls throughout Zimbabwe in 2005 is affecting maternal and newborn health.

New bid to control infant, maternal mortality


Learn about how a new UNICEF-funded programme in four districts of Pakistan will help lower maternal and infant mortality in Punjab.

Indonesian ‘Facts for Life’ aims to boost infant, maternal health


The Jakarta Post outlines how the Indonesian government and UNICEF have come together to distribute a guidebook to help improve public awareness of healthy habits and Indonesia’s infant and maternal health indicators.

Mother-Baby Pack launched to prevent HIV transmission launched in Kenya


Watch the video and read about the global launch of the Mother-Baby Pack in Kenya, an innovative approach to prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

Pakistani Mothers, Babies Face Health Risks


PBS follows the Pakistan Medical Association through camps near flood-affected areas in Pakistan to cover the conditions that expectant mothers endure and their infants are born into.