Global study finds newborns struggle to survive

Nigeria, China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Pakistan

 Fewer newborn babies are dying worldwide, but progress is too slow and Africa is being left behind, said a global study led by the World Health Organization

In Decline, Stillbirths Continue to Devastate

Though stillbirths have declined sharply since the 1940s, they remain very much with us, and not just among women who are poor or poorly educated or lack access to good medical care.

Nigeria has highest rate of Stillbirths in Africa


 The first comprehensive set of stillbirth estimates has said 42 out every child 1,000 children born in Nigeria would have been stillbirth

‘The grief is all engulfing’: Each day in Britain, 17 babies are stillborn – why is the toll so high?

 Britain has one of the very worst incidences of stillbirths of all developed countries. Ranking 32nd out of 35 countries, with a rate of 3.5 deaths per 1,000 births. 

Global stillbirths: 2.6 million a year, overlooked and often preventable

 About 2.6 million babies are born dead each year, a largely ignored and silently grieved loss of life, about half of which could be prevented.

Stillbirth rate in UK one of Europe’s highest, Lancet finds

Report says many of 4,000 babies stillborn each year could be saved with increase in awareness and research

Fear of the anti-abortion lobby partly to blame for delayed action on stillbirths

A much-needed series on stillbirths exposes the true scale of the deaths of babies in the last weeks of pregnancy and in labour. This should have been a global health issue long ago, but general neglect was compounded by fear of fuelling the controversy over the viability of the foetus.

Obesity link baby deaths ‘worrying’

The number of deaths in newborn babies where the mother is obese is worryingly high, an expert has said.

CMACE Release – Stillbirth And Neonatal Mortality Rates Have Decreased Over The Last Decade Says New Report, UK

Since 2000, stillbirth and neonatal mortality rates in the United Kingdom have shown a downward trend, says the Perinatal Mortality 2009 report, published by the Centre for Maternal and Child Enquiries (CMACE) today.