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The Kangaroo Mother Care Acceleration was initiated at a 2013 convening in Istanbul of KMC stakeholders from diverse geographical and professional backgrounds, including researchers, clinicians, government officials, program managers, professional associations, international organizations, and non-governmental organizations.

Following the Istanbul convening, the Saving Newborn Lives Program assumed a convening role for the KMC Acceleration, forming the KMC Acceleration Partnership (KAP), a group of approximately 70 KMC stakeholders from diverse backgrounds, committed to the KMC Acceleration’s vision and goal. Participation in the KAP is voluntary, and members participate in working groups on an as-needed basis and per their professional expertise and interest.

In addition to forming the KAP, SNL, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and other participants at the Istanbul convening drafted the Istanbul Consensus on Kangaroo Mother Care1, laying out the vision and goal shown below, and making several call to action points that were developed during the Istanbul meeting.



Country Support

KMC Acceleration Partnership discussion board (Knowledge Gateway)

Knowledge Gateway is an electronic communication platform that connects people working in health and development through virtual networks and online discussions to facilitate knowledge sharing and exchange.

Key Resources