I work as programmes manager for community based health care and first aid for the Uganda Red Cross Society:-a position that sees me, inevitably, get in touch with community health emergencies:-among which, there is emergency child birth. My job is to develop the capacities of local communities in Uganda to have basic life saving skills in emergence situations like emergency child birth, community injuries and general health promotion with an approach of challenging men to take the lead in advocating and actively participating in general reproductive health agenda of their communities. I consider myself to be a certified public health freak whose interest in programme design, implementation and evaluation must be focused on the community. I have undertaken similar assignments in all the Eastern African countries. I hold an MPH, a BSc in education, and an Emmergence Medical Technician Certification. When not worrying about organizational work impact on the communities, I prefer travelling around, kicking a soccer ball, and watching without getting bored-THE SIMPSONS & Mr.Bean :D Twitter handle: @BrianBilalK1