Mikkel Oestergaard

Mikkel Z Oestergaard is based in Geneva (Switzerland) and is working as an Epidemiologist in the biotechnology company Roche (Genentech in the US). Before joining Roche, Mikkel was working as a Scientist in the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva. Here he worked on developing new analytical methods for estimation of child and maternal mortality burden of disease estimation within the Mortality and Burden of Disease Unit (Department of Health Statistics and Informatics), and within the Initiative on Genomics and Public Health (Department of Research Policy and Cooperation) he coordinated the evaluation of genomics advances for public health application in developing countries. Mikkel was a Gates scholar at the University of Cambridge before coming to the WHO. At Cambridge, Mikkel did a PhD in Genetic Epidemiology where he developed novel computational methods for integrating functional genomics information with population-level data, and was leading an international genome-wide association study on genetic interactions for breast cancer susceptibility.