100 mothers benefit from safe delivery initiative in city slum

This article was originally published by Standard Media (Kenya) here.

By Diana Kimanzi

Caroline Gatakaa, who recently delivered a baby boy at Lengo Medical Clinic in Mukuru Kayaba slum in Nairobi, is one of the 100 mothers who received maternal care packages donated by Toto Care Box.

“I am humbled to be among the women who have benefited from this programme having delivered my Third Born and I urge all mothers to visit the facility and get educated through this drive,” said Ms Gatakaa.

The programme is implemented by Toto Care Box in partnership with Africa Star Railway Operation Company (Afristar).

According to Afristar Deputy General Manager Mo Kun, the 100 boxes will help more women in the area to visit the clinic and increase their chances of survival as well as ensuring the safety of their newborn babies.

“These boxes will effectively reduce the risk of infant mortality during the neonatal period and increase chances of survival of women visiting the clinic to receive prenatal care,” said Mr Kun.

The mothers will be asked to attend at least four prenatal check-ups.

Lucy Wambui Kaigutha, the founder and director of Toto care box, said the programme is meant to reduce Kenya’s infant and maternal mortality rate.

“There have been high rates of mortality leading to 39,000 newborns dying every year due to preventable diseases,” said Wambui.

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