Patterns and Trends in the Attributable Fractions of under-5 Years Hospitalization and Inpatient Death for Neonates, Infectious Diseases, and Severe Acute Malnutrition in Yemen: A Retrospective Data Analysis

Neonatal death proportion of under-5 mortality is alarmingly high in Yemen. With the ongoing military conflict since 2015, interventions to improve neonatal survival are urgently required. I recently published an epidemiological retrospective study in Al-Sabeen Hospital for Women and Children located in Sana’a, Yemen. The study examined the patterns and trends of hospitalization and inpatient death of neonates, infectious diseases, severe malnutrition based on data collected from 2005-2014. During the study period, 39282 under-5 were hospitalized and 33.6 were neonates. Of a total of 4183 under-5 deaths, 3671 were newborns (87.8%). Post neonatal deaths(1-59 months) were 512(12.2%). In 2005/6 period, there were 939 under-5 deaths of which 778(82.9%) were neonates compared to 683 and 637(93.3%), respectively in 2013/14 period. Interventions at both community and health facility level should be urgently introduced.

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