Twelve Innovators Get Funding from Saving Lives at Birth

International Partnership Invests $3.4 Million to Accelerate Innovations that Prevent Maternal, Newborn Deaths and Stillbirth in the Hardest to Reach Regions of the World


WASHINGTON, DC – After fierce competition, 12 of the world’s most promising ideas to save lives at birth in developing countries have edged out nearly 650 other applicants, securing millions in new funding to develop and refine their innovations.

From a low-cost breathing aid for infants suffering from respiratory distress to an electricity-free infusion pump , Saving Lives at Birth: A Grand Challenge for Development will invest more than $3.4 million in groundbreaking solutions to protect and support mothers and newborns when they are most vulnerable  – during and immediately after delivery. The announcement was made last week at the sixth annual DevelopmentXChange in Washington, DC, an event that has served as the premier launching pad for global entrepreneurs to develop transformational solutions for maternal and newborn survival, and prevention of stillbirth, with the goal of making them accessible to the poorest, most remote communities in the world.

The 12 award nominees were selected from more than 650 submissions, with applicants coming from 78 countries. More than half of the applications came from low-and middle-income countries. They are now part of a growing community of over 93 innovators supported by the Saving Lives at Birth partnership.

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