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At BEMPU, we develop and deliver innovative products and services that save the lives of children in low-resource parts of the world. Our vision is for all children to have the chance to live full and healthy lives.

Product Portfolio:

The first product in our portfolio is a novel neonatal bracelet capable of detecting hypothermia and infection early in newborns, thereby preventing death and severe illness.

‘The BEMPU TempWatch is a bracelet device that continuously monitors a newborn’s temperature for one month. If the newborn is hypothermic, the TempWatch alerts the caregiver with an intuitive audio-visual alarm. Caregivers are trained to provide Kangaroo Care (KC) when the TempWatch alarms, allowing them to intervene before their infant suffers from hypothermia-related illness or death. If the TempWatch continues to alarm despite a caregiver providing KC, this indicates that an infant may have an infection and prompts parents to seek skilled care. To date, the TempWatch has been used in 26 countries in 301 health facilities to protect 23,665 newborns from hypothermia. Studies have been conducted across India to validate TempWatch’s accuracy and also to understand its impact on weight gain and KC’.

The other Bempu products in newborn monitoring and Kangaroo care solutions include;

ApneBoot: The BEMPU ApneBoot detects bradycardia and desaturation in a newborn, sounds an alarm and automatically gives a tactile stimulation on the foot sole to resolve central apneas before prolonged hypoxia can cause injury.

KangaSling: A Kangaroo Care Sling designed specially for Low Birth Weight (LBW) babies to provide prolonged care and modest, easy breastfeeding.

BEMPU is grateful for support and awards from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Grand Challenges Canada, USAID’s Saving Lives at Birth Challenge, Siemens Empowering People Award, and others.