EDEN Foundation

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EDEN, an acronym for Educating, Directing, Empowerment, & Nurturing Foundation, is a nonprofit organization registered in Nigeria that has been in existence since 2019. EDEN was birthed from our Founders’ (Kobi Ajayi) experiences being a mother of a preterm baby born at 33 weeks of pregnancy at a public hospital in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, in 2018. My shared experiences and those of the other mothers at the neonatal intensive care unit at the hospital left a stark and painful memory that cannot be erased. EDEN strategically focuses on key health indicators crucial to achieving the third (health and wellbeing for all ages) United Nations Sustainable Development Goal. Our mission is to provide cost-effective and sustainable solutions to improve the health and quality of life for underserved preterm babies in Nigeria through research, education, and advocacy. As an organization, our vision is to reduce preventable neonatal deaths in Nigeria. Our strategic goals include to

  1. Educate families on evidence-based and culturally appropriate health education to make a sound judgment relating to their reproductive health,
  2. Direct and provide resources to meet the health needs of preterm infants,
  3. Empower mothers with skills and knowledge to make informed decisions about their care, and
  4. Nurture vulnerable families to ensure they survive and thrive. At EDEN Foundation, we do not just advocate for vulnerable populations; we strive to achieve health and social equity.