Egyptian Neonatal Network

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Egyptian Neonatal Network (EGNN) is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to improve the efficacy and efficiency of neonatal care in Egypt through a co-ordinated program of research, education, and quality improvement. EGNN holds a standardized database for patients admitted in neonatal care units that are members in the network. This helps researchers to participate in collaborative projects on a national and international level.

All activities of EGNN depend on the voluntary efforts of health professionals at the member units and interested members who can help achieving its goals. EGNN supports these efforts by providing and improving tools and new knowledge for the practice of evidence-based neonatology and the continuous improvement of neonatal care.

The Network started in 2010 and is supported by EU Tempus Grant as a part of the funded project entitled: “Egyptian Neonatal Network for Training Pediatricians”.

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What we do


  •   To train pediatricians on electronic registration of neonatal health records
  •   To develop the skills of academic staff and clinicians as regard to education and innovative research capabilities to achieve improved outcomes through the improved quality of delivery of health care.
  •   To establish and maintain a neonatal database that will allow comparison between participating hospitals
  •   To study the mortality and morbidity of high risk infants admitted to the participating neonatal care units in EGYPT.
  •   To be a basis for policy planning and resource allocation at a national, regional and departmental level.
  •   To be a basis for quality improvement and management at a departmental, regional and national level.
  •   To join other international neonatal networks, which will provide the ability to benchmark healthcare in Egypt against international standards.