Global Strategies

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Global Strategies’ mission is to empower communities in the most neglected areas of the world to improve the lives of women and children through healthcare.  To achieve that mission, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with frontline healthcare workers in four areas:

Prevention & Care

We work with local doctors, nurses, midwives and community health workers to provide life-saving care to the most vulnerable members of communities.  We provide direct care for those unable to afford basic healthcare, including care for survivors of sexual violence, children living with HIV, malnourished children and sick or preterm babies.

Education & Training

We train the next generation of healthcare workers through scholarships, shoulder-to-shoulder mentoring, customized training materials and support to present original research at regional and international conferences.

Health & Technology 

We develop and deploy innovative technologies that help our partners overcome the challenges of their limited resource settings to reach those in need.  This work takes two forms: designing our own novel technologies to address global health challenges and repurposing existing technologies for use in limited resource settings.  In creating these initiatives, we also help build capacity through technology training of local data managers.

Advocacy & Outreach

We work with our partners to elevate their voices to influence global health policy.  Examples of our work in this area include advocating for universal access to care after sexual violence, treating all mothers living with HIV and expanding neonatal care to humanitarian settings.