Group B Strep International

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The mission of Group B Strep International (GBSI) is to promote international awareness and prevention of Group B Strep disease in babies before birth through early infancy. Our goal is to be a central resource for GBS information, in a variety of languages, for both the general public and medical professionals. The scope of our mission includes actively supporting the GBS awareness and prevention efforts of individuals and organizations on a community or national level. Group B Strep International’s focus includes all stages of a baby’s development in which they are susceptible to GBS infection.  This ranges from unborn babies in the first trimester to infants up to six months of age.


Promote awareness and prevention of group B strep disease in babies during pregnancy through early infancy


  • Present at and attend international perinatal conferences
  • Host online symposiums geared towards both health care providers and parents
  • Provide informational materials to health care providers and parents
  • Facilitate fundraising events
  • Administrate and create a dialogue in our GBS Facebook group
  • Interact with perinatal health affiliates to reach wider audiences
  • Curate parent stories as a resource for others and as a basis for crowdsourced research

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