Kavle Consulting, LLC

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Mission: Kavle Consulting, LLC exists to help the world’s leading organizations thrive by narrowing the gap between humanity’s most pressing needs and practical solutions that work.

Who We Are: Kavle Consulting, LLC, www.kavleconsulting.com  is a woman and minority-owned small business founded in October 2019.  Kavle Consulting exists to move the needle in global health to effectively:

  • Provide quality nutrition and global health strategy and expertise on the design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of programs and projects
  • Create and tailor practical approaches to address gaps in nutrition programming, policy, and implementation science research with local and global organizations.
  • Cultivate and equip public health practitioners, organizations, and countries with transformative skillsets to meet humanity’s most pressing needs today and in the future.

What We Do: Kavle Consulting provides strategic planning and visioning for nutrition, technical advising on program design, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation for global health, nutrition and food security, advancing solutions for real-time use by global health practitioners (i.e. training, supervision, and tools), practical implementation guidance (i.e. formative assessments, social behavior change approaches, data for decision making) and advising on implementation research.