Kenya Association for Maternal & Neonatal Health – KAMANEH


The Kenya Association for Maternal & Neonatal Health- KAMANEH is a local founded and not for profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered on 25th September, 1997 under the NGOs Coordination Act. KAMANEH’s mandate is to identify, address, and prevent complications that arise during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum periods, and thus ultimately decreasing maternal, infant and child mortality rates in Kenya.

Our Vision: Communities where pregnant women, mothers, newborns, children, and adolescents have to survive, thrive and realize their greatest potential, and access to quality and affordable health care services, including preventive health and information.

Our Mission: To save and improve the lives of pregnant women, mothers, babies, children and adolescents in urban slums and remote communities in Kenya.

Our Values:

The work of the KAMANEH is guided by strong organisational values that include:

·         The Continuum of Care: KAMANEH is committed to the concept of the Continuum of Care for sexual, reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health (SRMNCAH), integrating it in all its operations and promoting it as a framework for action to end all preventable maternal and child deaths, through promotion of healthy approaches;

·         Human Rights: KAMANEH is committed to rights-based approaches to policies and programmes for women, newborn, adolescents and children, with the individual at the centre.

·         Gender equality: The promotion of social and economic opportunities for women, adolescents and children.

·         Equity – populations: KAMANEH is committed to proactive action to promote equity, by involving women, youth and adolescents, in all of its actions.

·         Evidence base that maternal and child death can be prevented: KAMANEH’s work is focused on ending preventable deaths of women, newborn, children and adolescents and related disabilities;

·         Ensuring access to sexual and reproductive health and rights information by women and girls.

·         Ensuring maximum community participation in its projects/services/programmes at the community level.

·         Promoting Maternal and child health research for success in project/program implementation.

·         Partnerships. KAMANEH values the engagement of local and international partnerships for leveraging its work in Kenya.

Main objective:

The main objective is to contribute to the reeducation of maternal, perinatal and neonatal morbidity and mortality in rates Kenya. This will be achieved by “increasing equitable access to maternal and newborn services; improving quality, efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery at the community level.”


Specific objectives:

1.    To enhance the organizational capacity of KAMANEH in the provision of integrated Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health (MNCH) services at the community level.

2.    To promote operational  research for evidence based decision making, planning and programming of Maternal, Neonatal, and Child Health (MNCH) interventions in Kenya;

3.    Increased access to skilled attendance at delivery through the community midwifery programme;

4.    To reduce unmet need for family planning, unplanned births;

5.    To improve the sexual and reproductive health and rights information women, adolescents and youth;

6.    Promote gender equity and equality in decision making in matter of sexual and reproductive health and contribute to the elimination of harmful practices and gender-based violence at the community-level;

7.    To contribute to the reduction of HIV & AIDS burden and to improve reproductive health status of the infected and affected individuals;

8.    Reduce transmission of RTIs & STIs and improve access to RTI & STIs services within RH strategy.

9.    To reduce morbidity and mortality associated with the common cancers of the reproductive organs in men and women.

10.  To promote safe water and adequate sanitation.



KAMANEH is governed by the Executive Advisory Board and the   day-to-day affairs of the Organization are managed by the Chief Executive Officer/Director who is in charge of the organization’s affairs.


TELL: +254-725878276 & +254-735035975;


What we do

Local and international resource mobilization

Community mobilization on MNCH;

Provision of affordable maternal, neonatal and child health care services;

Community-based Sexual and Reproductive health and rights advocacy.

Searching for partners and volunteers.