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Within 15 years of existence, NCTN-RH contributed significantly in health provider performance and standard of care improvement at any level of health service provisions. In the early years, the level of dependency on donor’s budget for training activities was very high and the issue of sustainability became prominent when the donor assistance had ended in 2003. After the golden period of full financial support, NCTN-RH must survive by its own resources and health professional commitment in the endeavor of provider competency and high quality health services. In fact, due to similar interest on provider performance and standard of care with all related stake holders, the MNCH and FP program training need was still high and included in the government health program menu and annual plan. This situation, indirectly support the continuation of NCTN-RH, in terms of the national training institution and government partner in maintaining qualified provider and standard of care in the national health program


What we do

NCTN-RH also contributed to the health education system and learning processes by preparing the classroom preceptors and clinical instructors in applying competency-based learning and material content packages. NCTN-RH training package had used in specialist training program, medical student, nursing and midwifery student. During 2006-2010, NCTN-RH had trained 3,205 health providers in Contraception Technology Update, 17,209 health providers in Basic Delivery Care,  2,797 health providers in Basic Emergency Obstetrics-Neonatal Care, and 827 health providers in Comprehensive Emergency Obstetrics-Neonatal Care for 370 public hospitals.