Neonatal Nurses Association of Southern Africa

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NNASA was formed in 2007 by a small group of passionate neonatal nurses who saw a need to improve the standard of neonatal care in the region by supporting and encouraging the nurses caring for these vulnerable babies.

The association aims to encourage and reward excellence in neonatal care through  a national neonatal excellence award; to improve skills and knowledge through regional workshops; to foster collaboration and support between nurses in state and private institutions  through regional networks; to improve standards of care through the provision of evidence based best practice guidelines; to relieve isolation and improve communication through the provison of a quaterly newsletter and monthly text messages and to promote unity and growth through an annual national conference.

Our vision includes collaboration with other national and international organisations involved in the care of mothers and babies and support for nurses in our neighbouring countries. We hope to inspire and support them in the formation of their own national associations.

What we do

  •    Host an annual National Conference
  •    Provide quaterly newsletters
  •    Hold regional workshops
  •    Provide evidence based guidelines