People’s Primary Healthcare Initiative (PPHI) Sindh

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The PPHI Sindh is a Public Private Partnership Programme of Government of Sindh, Pakistan. It was initially started under the umbrella of Sindh Rural Support Organisation (SRSO), Pakistan- A section 42 Company organized by independent private citizens as a Board of Directors. From 2014, PPHI became a registered not for profit company. The objective of the organization is to revitalize delivery of health services in the rural areas of Sindh.

PPHI Sindh manages 1140 primary healthcare facilities through funding provided by Government of Sindh. The organization’s main focus is improving health care in the area of maternal, newborn and child health which includes antenatal care, labour & delivery, postnatal care, family planning, immunization, nutrition, BEmONC, CEmONC, laboratories, ambulance service etc. Apart from MNCH, organization also provide services in the area of general OPD, eye clinic, dental clinic, emergency services, vaccines against snake and dog bite etc.

According to Technical Resource Facility (TRF), PPHI model has made important contributions to Primary Health Care delivery in Pakistan. DFID and AusAid acknowledged and appreciated the achievements of PPHI in improving quality of health services delivery within the existing health budget in short span on time. World Bank evaluation conducted by Anna Herd mentioned that the success of PPHI largely rests on the ability of PPHI to increase utilization rates without compromising on quality.