Programme for Global Paediatric Research

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The Programme for Global Paediatric Research (PGPR) is an educator and a network facilitator; we bring together some of the brightest, most innovative minds from around the world to share information, teach others and to collaborate in order to improve health outcomes for children in developing countries.

PGPR was formed in 2004 with the initial goal of bringing the attention and research resources of paediatric researchers in high income countries to the health issues facing children in low and mid-income countries. Since then it has fostered relationships within the broad community of researchers and clinicians who are best able to lead the way in identifying and solving critical health problems facing children in developing countries. Now PGPR sits at the centre of this community, facilitating a collaborative, practical, evidence-based approach to effecting positive change in global child health. With PGPR’s help networks of individuals and groups take the lead in moving discussion into action.

PGPR is based at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids)  in Toronto, Canada and is a global ambassador for SickKids and its interest in helping children beyond the borders of Canada. We share SickKids’ vision of Healthier Children. A Better World.

By functioning collaboratively and working with experts in other specialty areas, other disciplines, and–most importantly–with communities where children are at risk, it becomes possible for PGPR to facilitate meaningful strides toward reducing childhood illness and death.

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What we do

Everything we do is focused on global child health. We educate, establish research agendas, facilitate networks engaged in targeting specific diseases and advocate with the help and support of our network members.

We conduct professional symposia and workshops on diseases and conditions affecting children in developing countries and on collaborative implementation strategies. Through these symposia and workshops we raise awareness about the need for study of particular diseases and conditions that are afflicting millions of children in developing countries. This is also an opportunity to educate those in the broader paediatric research community and to facilitate collaborative discussion about effective implementation strategies and sustainable solutions.

Following on from the symposia and workshops, we disseminate information and facilitate ongoing communication and collaboration within the networks that develop through our workshops. At times these networks flourish into full-scale programs of their own as has happened with the Global Sickle Cell Disease Network and the new Global Prevention of Kernicterus Network. We present a yearly PGPR Award for Outstanding Contributions to Global Child Health so that research in developing countries can be profiled, honoured and encouraged.

PGPR is looking to technology as a way to ease collaboration between network members, allowing us to overcome geographical hurdles, time constraints, and maximize the use of resources so that information can be widely disseminated and collaborations can flourish, regardless of where the participants are located .

PGPR will continue to reach into its tool kit and evolve to meet the needs of the global community of researchers, scientists, ngos, government agencies, and, most importantly, the children we serve. We believe that information needs to be shared, collaborations need to flourish, and evidence-based approaches are required every step of the way.