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SaferMom is an innovative social enterprise that addresses the high maternal, newborn and infant mortality crises in Nigeria.

SaferMom delivers vital maternal health information to new and expectant mothers using innovative, interactive, personalized low-cost mobile technologies (SMS and voice calls in local languages) to rural areas with the optimum goal of reducing maternal and infant mortality rates in Nigeria.

What we do

With rapid growth in mobile phone adoption in Africa within the last five years and over 80 million mobile phones subscription in Nigeria is helping us improve maternal health care. Mobile phones being one of the most important and proven tools for penetration into the emerging markets with unprecedented growth. SaferMom leverages on the power of low cost mobile technologies to reduce maternal and infant mortality under the age of five years in rural Nigeria. We deliver actionable, tailored and WHO approved maternal safe health care through appropriate tracking of vaccines, Pre & Post gestation medication compliance follow up, pregnancy behavioural follow ups, breast feeding guide, safe maternal and neonatal nutrition, danger signs and other safe health education which prepares and educate expectant mothers for child birth.

We use technologies to:
    – Track Vaccinations – Deliver safe health campaigns to new and expecting mothers – Increase antenatal visits – Drive best family planning best services