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As the anglophone crisis worsens, access to basic health care services for hard to reach communities has become  inpossible. Most rural health personnel have left their post as they flee for their lives. Thousands of displaced people with most living in bushes means basic health supplies needed to conduct deliveries are absent. The sad stories of multiple cases of neonatal and maternal deaths especially amongst internally displaced persons who live in bushes and hard to reach areas are heart-breaking.

Superior Health Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Buea in the South West region of Cameroon with a mission to reduce maternal and newborn mortality by implementing  simple, cost-effective, and  evidence based solutions. In the light of the Anglophone crisis, SHF has designed and is producing clean emergency delivery kits which are distributed to pregnant women and traditional birth attendants.

The clean emergency delivery kits contain

  • A piece of soap
  • A clean plastic delivery surface
  • 2 pairs of latex glooves
  • 2 clean cotton cord ties
  • A sterile surgical blade
  • 4 sealed Alcohol swabs
  • A bottle of antibiotic eye drop
  • And an instruction

The campaign also involved the training of traditional birth attendants on how to use the clean emergency delivery kits.


Clean Emergency Delivery kits by SHF
Clean Emergency Delivery kit Campaign for Pregnant women in the crisis affected anglophone regions of Cameroon